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The National Works Agency was concerned about the severe loss of beach up to 40 meters in some places that was threatening the livelihood of fisher folks and their community along these 1600 metres. There is diversification of land use with fishing industries and power plants. CEAC undertook an oceanographic and beach stabilization study. A biophysical survey of Old Harbour Bay showed that the dominant species of seagrass was T. testudinum. A water quality-monitoring programme of nearshore and offshore stations showed the impacts on the Old Harbour Bay fishing beach. Extensive data collection, wave and current modeling and marina design were also conducted. It was determined that sea level rise and extreme wave conditions from hurricanes caused the majority of the erosion. Solutions and project costs were derived. Stabilization Options were proposed and consisted of six breakwaters, two groins, and a fishing marina.

hydrodynamic model of currens

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