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The Palisadoes shoreline links the main international airport on the peninsula to the city of Kingston. This stretched was overwhelmed by hurricane Ivan and overtopped. CEAC was commissioned by the government, through the National Works Agency, to prepare design, contract document and undertake monitoring. Final engineering designs were conducted for the protective works for the 100-year return period conditions for the Caribbean Sea side and harbour side. The road alignment was improved by fine-tuning the turning radius and super elevations. The project consists of approximately 4,600 metres of road works and boardwalk, 3,900 metres of shoreline revetments and 4,000 meters of new 16” water supply line. Environmental rehabilitation works were also planned and include mangrove replanting and dune replacement and revegetation.

CEAC was commissioned to monitor compliance to engineering specifications, prepare drawings as required, provide support for the quantities and environmental monitoring for the beach license conditions.

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